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HNZ are constantly looking for opportunities to match our capabilities to your requirements.


The HNZ Group has wide-ranging capabilities in many aspects of helicopter services. We are constantly looking for opportunities to match these capabilities to your requirements. Our Tender Process has evolved over the years and is overseen by Denis Laird, Managing Director N.Z. & Australia.

Denis Laird
Managing Director N.Z. & Australia.

Denis is your first point of contact for tender enquiries.


The HNZ tender process

Our process is designed to assure safe and effective operations by ensuring:

a. The client requirements are adequately defined and documented before acceptance.

b. Any differences between the contract order and those in the tender are resolved.

c. The company has the capability to meet the contract requirement using existing and/or planned resources. This includes the identification and acquisition of controls, processes, inspections, equipment, fixtures, production resources and skills to achieve the required quality as well as submissions to our financial, legal and insurance advisors.

d. Prior to final commitment, a review is conducted to ensure we have the ability to execute the work effectively, safely and profitably.


The review must demonstrate the proposed operation will fulfill the following criteria:

a. The systems:

  1. The operation will remain within our SMS and regulatory requirements
  2. The procedural baseline is adequate (ie operations orders etcetera are generated)
  3. The aviation infrastructure (ATC etc) is adequate

b. There will be adequate management oversight of operations:

  1. Manpower is adequate and qualified
  2. The aircraft are appropriate for the mission and equipment requirements
  3. The mission is within the constraints of the man/machine.

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