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We protect the safety of all our staff members and that of client's staff and subcontractors involved in our operations.

HNZ Safety

Our integrated risk management program far exceeds the industry standard for basic safety programs. HNZ actively promotes specialised programs dedicated to flight safety, safety in ramp operations, safety in aircraft maintenance and safety in the general industrial environment of the company. In this manner, the unique risks inherent within each specialist activity are effectively controlled.

HNZ has no greater priority than the maintenance of safety within all aspects of its operations. The HNZ safety system not only incorporates the latest requirements evolved within the aviation industry but has drawn on lessons learned in other complex, technological industries such as the nuclear, maritime, rail and road transport industries.

  • The HNZ Safety System is underpinned by ‘REAP’ which is an advanced, computer-based risk management tool.
  • HNZ employs safety specialists, dedicated to the evolution of the HNZ safety system.
  • The HNZ suite of Safety Cases are unique in that they are underpinned by the analysis of thousands of helicopter accidents.
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