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Operations Capability

HNZ's operational capability is extensive, it is divided into Offshore, Utility and Specialist Operations.

Providing offshore helicopter services for many of the world's largest oil and gas companies since 1966, HNZ has developed world-leading Quality and Safety systems to exceed the demands of this exacting industry.

HNZ's offshore operations capability includes oil and gas support, marine pilot transfer, seismic survey and mineral exploration.

  • HNZ is committed to Best International Practice and OGP Standards.
  • HNZ adheres to Shell 7/7=1
  • HNZ has an international reputation for impeccable safety, reliability and quality of service.
  • Contact HNZ Offshore Operations Manager

HNZ's Utility Operations encompass a broad range of helicopter services and includes our support for numerous international and private Antarctic expeditions.

Our capability extends to other areas such as flight training, mining support, construction, film and television, long-line fishing, aerial survey and general charters.
  • HNZ is the world's most experienced Antarctic Helicopter Operator, operating in this extreme environment since 1979.
  • HNZ's diverse helicopter fleet and equipment can handle many highly-specialised tasks.
  • Contact HNZ Utility Operations Manager

HNZ's Special Operations cover a range of aerial work functions, including the specialist tasks associated with aerial firefighting, marine pilot transfer operations, military pilot helicopter flight training and coastal surveillance operations. Most of these operations are conducted under contract to principle state and federal government organisations and major resource sector companies across Australia.

  • Pioneered the aerial agricultural industry in New Zealand.
  • At the forefront of fire-suppression operations in both Australlia and New Zealand.
  • Extensive experience undertaking television and film-making.
  • Contact HNZ Special Operations Manager.

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