About Us

We’re taking on the world

HNZ is the most established and oldest helicopter company operating today in Australasia. Over the years HNZ has gained an international reputation for implementing outstanding systems that regularly exceed industry standards. No matter the location or how diverse the operation, our list of successful projects is unrivalled.

We operate over 30 helicopters in support of a range of multi-national companies and government agencies, including onshore and offshore oil & gas, mineral exploration, marine pilot transfer services, military support, charter services, utilities and flight training.

We offer extensive operational capability to meet the most challenging transportation needs, virtually anywhere around the globe, backed by comprehensive safety, quality and maintenance programs.

HNZ is headquartered in Nelson, New Zealand and employs approximately 140 personnel from 8 locations throughout New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Antarctica. Recently acquired by our long-time, highly successful international partner, PHI, Inc., we have the unique opportunity to expand our services and geographic footprint as we not only refine, but also diversify our service offerings domestically and internationally.


Founded in Timaru, New Zealand in 1955, HNZ is internationally recognised for the quality of its operations.


The HNZ management team delivers a wealth of experience in the management, operations and engineering control of international aviation companies and significant experience within the company and diverse capabilities.


HNZ has a comprehensive selection of clients involved in a wide variety of projects being conducted all over the world.


A collection of stunning images that capture the environments HNZ work in. Images cover operations in Antarctica, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.